Webroot AntiVirus with SpySweeper Review

Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper is the perfect virus/spyware combo. The software is easy to use, and features effective protection and performance. AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper combines all the right components to deliver one of the best antivirus software available.
Even everyday computer users need advanced protection from the widespread computer threats. From viruses to rootkits, to malicious hacking tools and vulnerability exploits; a multi-layered approach is almost essential for everyday protection. Webroot’s antivirus/antispyware software has all the right features and more.

Protection: 5 Stars
Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper is a very comprehensive desktop antivirus package. The software protects from threats from several sources, and the several layers of protection keep your computer safe. Webroot monitors and detects all sorts of malicious files and just plain unwanted programs like adware, cookies, and keyloggers. The integrated Spy Sweeper is an amazing standalone anti-spyware software that in itself protects from a variety of computer threats. The software is set to not only detect, but efficiently remove malicious files, even ending running processes and removing associated registry entries.
But more than just being on the defense, Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper also features proactive technology to find malware before it even has the chance to strike your computer. With today’s newest threats being designed to bypass traditional signature-based scanning, advanced protection is so important.

Effectiveness: 5 Stars
Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper revolves around 16 protective “shields” that cover your entire computer network. The web browser shields keep you safe online, blocking Internet Explorer unwanted browser objects. The email shield works for both emails you receive and emails you send. Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper is comprised of two powerful components. The desktop antivirus component is powered by business security experts. The antispyware element is managed by Webroot’s own Spy Sweeper.
Webroot Spy Sweeper provides an impressively high level of protection from spyware and other identity-compromising malware. Combined with antispyware protection from Spy Sweeper is certainly effective.

Installation: 5 Stars
Webroot AntVirus with Spy Sweeper is easy to install. In fact, the software walks you through some initial setup while you’re installing the software. While this does add a few minutes to the install process, it gives you a understanding of the control you have to setup the software exactly how you want it.
The installation process introduces the WARN (Webroot Automated Research Network) proactive network approach that allows Webroot to gather anonymous information that helps them keep on top of new threats. Installation lets users set when they’d like a weekly sweep to perform, and configure the online backup.

Use: 5 Stars
Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper features an intuitive interface and simple tools to accommodate any user level. The clean user interface is organized with tabs for simple navigation and quick access to all the major components of the software. Webroot’s scanning engine includes over 1.5 million (and constantly growing) virus definitions. After the sweep is finished, you can easily place the found threats in a quarantine area while you decide what to do with them.
The antivirus/antispyware scans are pretty straightforward. You can choose between a full scan or a quick scan. The full sweep scans all drives, the Windows registry, memory, compressed archive files, and executable programs. The sweeps can run in the background while you use the computer for other tasks, and most of the common commands can be accessed directly from the windows taskbar area. Of course you can also set a custom sweep to scan exactly what you want. You can also easily set sweeps to run on a specific schedule.

Features: 5 Stars
Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper has several integrated features that add security benefits as well as convenience. One nice feature is the included local and online backup. The software comes with 1GB of storage space for free, and additional storage space can be purchased separately by contacting Webroot. As the software is installing, Webroot automatically analyzes your files and lets you choose what to backup. You can securely backup files from your desktop, favorites, my documents or my pictures.
The backup solution is actually fairly robust, allowing you to not only securely store important files and restore them at a moment’s notice, but also lets you access them anywhere. You can even send a secure link in an email to friends/family to share files, and don’t have to worry about them getting access to any other files than the files you send.
Another nice feature is the gamer mode. You can turn this feature on with the click of a button, and it will let you enjoy full-screen computer games, videos, presentations and more without annoying interruptions from the software. And while this mode isn’t as secure as having the full system enabled, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to toggle back to full protection, the software will do it by default after 4 hours.

Updates: 4 Stars
Keeping your security up-to-date is easy with Webroot. The software is setup to automatically check for updates regularly and even initiates updates delivered immediately to your system if needs be.