Norton Anti-Virus Software Review

Norton Anti-Virus 2010 is a very impressive security solution offering a complete lineup of robust features and a whole new approach to online security. As one of the best anti-virus software available Norton Anti-Virus continues to improve their software and in turn improve your security.

Symantec/Norton has been a huge player in the anti-virus market pioneering the software from the get-go. Norton has suffered with several complaints in years previous about software bloat and overzealous resource usage. Last year’s edition turned that complaint around offering a speedy solution with a focus on efficient resource management. Norton Anti-Virus 2010 remains an impressively quick program while adding some compelling new features specifically engineered to catch the most lethal viruses.

Norton Anti-Virus 2010 does a great job of balancing system resources, simplicity, and security. The protection level is second to none and the new features continue to set the standard for anti-virus software. Norton has managed to use their strengths to their advantage and deliver excellent anti-virus software with a great overall user experience.

Protection: 5 stars

Traditional Signature Based Protection is the first line of defense. And while other technologies are being developed to get the viruses that signatures can’t, fingerprinting and signature protection are still essential. Norton’s huge database of known mal-ware will keep your computer safe from threats. One of the best parts about Anti-Virus 2010 is the Norton Insight technology. This feature allows Norton to only scan the files that might be at risk, bypassing the trusted files and files that haven’t changed, so the scans don’t waste time and run significantly quicker, even getting quicker over time.

SONAR 2 is Norton’s second installment of the advanced protection technology. SONAR stands for Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response and takes a proactive approach to detecting mal-ware by observing file behavior in real-time to monitor malware like behaviors to stop viruses before they have the chance to infect your computer.

Reputation Technology is the new proactive security measure from Symantec. Basically, it involves a special algorithm to analyze files and determines their relative threat based on reputation based on their source based on digital signature, age, and popularity. This innovative new technology isn’t a specific tool or feature it is an overall approach that works in conjunction with several Norton technologies to deliver a more balanced efficient security solution.

Download Insight is specifically designed to stop new mal-ware before you accidentally download it. Norton provides you with necessary information on any file immediately when you attempt to download it so you can make an informed decision. The only time a warning pop-up appears is if you’re attempting to download a file that hasn’t been deemed trustworthy yet.

Effectiveness: 4 stars

Norton’s antivirus software is effective, and professional testing organizations agree. Norton has been recognized as one of the most effective antivirus software available, and with their focus on speed and efficiency, they’re also rated among the fastest. Let’s just say that with the 2010 installment you certainly don’t have to choose between efficacy and efficiency; with Norton Anti-Virus you get strength, speed, and security.

Installation: 3 ½ stars

Norton Anti-Virus has been designed to be fast and straightforward, and that starts from the second you download the program. Direct download of the software means that you don’t have to wait for the boxed copy to show up, and can install immediately. The whole installation process is straightforward and quick. In fact, Norton’s installation process actually abandons the traditional Microsoft Windows installer and uses their proprietary technology for an even quicker installation.

Use: 4 stars

Norton Anti-Virus 2010 is totally easy to use and even easier to understand. The straightforward interface is easy to navigate and makes it simple to get the most out of the program. The whole program is streamlined, which makes it easy to get the most out of the software even performing some advanced functions without professional know-how.

The software is actually quite flexible and is quite capable of accommodating a variety amount of users. If you’re looking for a set-and-forget security solution then Norton Anti-Virus 2010 is a great solution. Of course the software is also robust enough to satisfy the security pros and provides a wealth of stats and behind-the-scenes information to help experts completely control the software.

Features: 4 stars

The 2010 edition of Norton Anti-Virus is feature-filled but not at the expense of sacrificing speed and performance. Each feature works towards the ultimate goal of complete PC protection.

First feature is the additional vulnerability protection that Norton provides. Since so many security threats infiltrate through specific “holes” in applications, browsers or the OS, Norton proactively helps you stay on top of the most recent patches and security updates.

Second feature is the “Silent” gamer mode. When you’re in full screen mode, the last things you want are annoying pop-ups or other programs to hog your PC resources. If you use the Silent Mode you don’t have to worry about either. Norton Anti-Virus is setup with a Smart Scheduler to automatically delay routine scans to only perform when your PC is idle.

Updates: 5 stars

Norton updates are quick and easy. Updates are delivered every 5 to 15 minutes. These Pulse Updates have two distinct advantages: they’re often enough that you’re always up to date with the most current patches and they’re small enough that they deliver quickly and seamlessly, without any noticeable slowdown for the user.